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Innovative IT Solution & Technology

VD Networks Best Cloud Hosting in India is Paving the Way to Move on to the Next Generation of 'Cloud Computing'

VD Networks, the loud Hosting Service Provider India, was founded in 2016 and moved on to be the best cloud hosting provider in India. We deploy specialist teams that develop custom-tailored solutions for existing and emerging new technology to deliver suitable results swiftly, effectively, and productively.

We deliver mind-blowing designs and processes by operating turnkey data infrastructure solutions that are low cost, fast, secure, and reliable with a 99.98% uptime guarantee through Private and Public Cloud.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower individuals and businesses through the power of Information Technology with a clear mission to achieve a turnover of Rs. 500 crores by the year 2025. Our mission is to achieve a turnover of a whopping Rs. 500 crores by 2025.

VD Networks is hailed as the Best Cloud Hosting Service Provider in India and we are rapidly advancing to fasten our vision to greater heights. We have a Tier 4 DC ( STT/ TATA DC) in Ahmedabad where we have set up our own Cloud Infra with BGP routing on multiple ISP carriers. From this location, we provide HA Cloud Server, a hosting service.

We have partnered with leading organizations like Microsoft, Azure, Google, Acronis, AWS, Crayon, Oracle, and DirectI for Cloud and other solutions. We currently have 3 offices in India - Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Jaipur and very soon will start our fourth office.

Our Mission

VD Networks is on a mission to be a leading SI Organization in India within the next five years with Cloud, DevOps, MSP, and Software Development and Security Service specialization for SME and Startups segment.

The major products which we are focusing on

  • → Public Cloud Services( our own as well as AWS/GCP/Azure and OCP)
  • → MSP, and a third-party company that remotely manages a customer's information technology (IT) infrastructure and end-user systems to ease your work.
  • → Email solution where VD Networks builds an account dedicated to emails where email hosting providers operate email servers.
  • - Backup solutions are applications that enable the backup of files, folders, documents, software data, most data types, and the computer/server as a whole.
  • → Data Center Solution refers to the products and services we make to create and maintain a data center.
  • - Colocation Services is the practice of renting space for your servers and other computing hardware at a third-party provider's data.
  • - Private Cloud Solution( On-prem/hosted both) that allows companies to architect a data center using software-defined networking (SDN) and virtualization (VMs).
  • → Security Solutions are the technological tools and services we provide that help protect organizations against cyber attacks, which can result in application downtime, theft of sensitive data, damage to reputation, compliance fines, and other adverse consequences.
  • → Application Development/ App modernization is the practice of updating older software for newer computing approaches, including newer languages, frameworks, and infrastructure platforms, in which we specialize in.

Stay Up, Stay Running, Stay Protected

VD Networks is the IT Solutions and Technology and Services Company Founded In 2016

VD Networks delivers the best cloud hosting in India and our portfolio includes Application Development and Management, UI/UX, DR & BCP based on Cloud and Physical Setup and Staffing in Servers (Windows & Linux), Virtualization, Storage, Networks with L2 & L3, Desktop support, Web & Mobile developers

Focusing on innovative hard work to produce the best results, we have a 50-plus trained, certified vibrant workforce in PAN India including CCIE’s, CCDP’s, and Juniper Professional level certifications. We look forward on taking cloud hosting and cloud computing to astonishing new technical realmswith greatest ease, proficiency, and productivity, to delight our customers.

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Service and solution

VD Networks India Pvt Ltd, work closely with clients and partners to take full advantage of the opportunities of technology. We mobilize expert teams that create custom solutions from existing and emerging technology to deliver viable outcomes at speed. We provides a quick and easy solution to this problem by providing turnkey data infrastructure solutions that are low cost, fast, secure, and reliable with a 99.98% uptime guarantee. Having Private & Public Cloud, VPS and Dedicated Server, Web Hosting, DR & BCP.

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